Mai Ho-Nguyen


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Hi there and welcome to our blog!

This was created originally as a way to document our travels from our first trip, as time went on, the blog was passed around as friends asked to read about our adventures or took notes to plan their own trips. We decided to turn this into a personal/how-to blog.

I’m Mai, one of the broke girls. With a degree in Urban Public Policy from UCR under my belt, I decided to go back to school for my B. Architecture at AAU. Currently I am located in San Francisco. If I’m not planning networking events or fundraisers for my main job as a Social Media Specialist, I’m planning trips with Charmaine  , trying to survive architecture school,  or attending music festivals

In the cities, you can find me at the local coffee shops, playing with cats, or talking about Legend of Zelda, yes that is a LoZ on my arm. In nature, find me at the nearest waterfall or beach. Want to join us on a hike or museum trip? Drop me an email so I can let my posse know and fill you in on the next escapade!


Follow my travels: Maiontherun

Personal Instagram: Maiipls

Architecture Studies: Arkitortured