Charmaine Wai-Yi Lim


Welcome to the blog where we rant about what to do when you get stranded in an airport, shitty people and ways to murder your ex.

Am I kidding? No.

In this age and time where we struggle on how-to’s daily, more often than not we turn to Google.

We’ve all been there. Hence we hope that this little corner dot com on the World Wide Web is able to help some lost souls just like us.

I’m Charmaine, B. Communications / International Studies grad currently rumble and tumbling within the non-governmental sector struggling to keep food on the table, ahem on the floor for the cat.

I enjoy memes + banters just like anyone else, and I think I need a GPS to navigate the lost terrain of differences between American/ British/ Australian English while I pick up Spanish again.

Also a closeted health freak who is currently trying to focus on a more sustainable and conscious lifestyle.

I’m quite a private individual (what can i say I’m a paradoxical creature) but you can locate me at the closest thrift store/ op shop (Hi Salvos!) or- aintprincecharmaine

Ciao! x

PS: Ask Mai and I how did we meet.