Sometimes, Ice Cream

You’ve seen it on instagram, facebook, pinterest. The pink walls. The floating bananas. The sprinkle pool. IMG_2542

Admit it, you’ve been keen to check out the Museum of Ice Cream since it went viral. Marketed as the most Instagramable museum. While the 14th Factory was moody and more somber, the Museum of Ice Cream packs in the fun and optimism. Equipped with giant gummy bear and a sprinkle pool, the museum is the perfect place to cool off during the blazing LA heat.(spoiler alert: there’s no AC, ironically) BUT the exhibits do come with different treats and most of them are, you guessed it, ice cream.


Since opening the museum sold out each time they released a new batch of tickets. We got ours back in April, right as they were released at 10 am and sold out 3 minutes later.


Here’s what to expect.

There are no time limits to any of the rooms EXCEPT for the sprinkle pool. For that you get 3 minutes per group of 5-10. Yes, the sprinkles will get everywhere and no they are not edible. Please don’t eat them, that’s disgusting considering more than a thousand people go through the museum a day.

Since you can stay as long as you want in any given room, most people will clear out within 3-5 minutes. Our favorites were

  • Telephone room(1st)
  • Bananas
  • VenICE Cream (cheesecake sample)
  • Swings
  • Mint (mochi sample)
  • Gift shop(pancake ice cream sandwich)
  • Sprinkles Pool

The popsicle exhibit and the charcoal room are roped off. I’m guessing because they had a problem with kids pulling on the cone and ruining it. Too much wear and tear, I guess. Overall, we had a great time. If pink walls are your aesthetics, you’ll have plenty of chances to take those instagram worthy pictures before or after you come in, there’s no entrance fee for that. The museum will make you feel like a little kid in a candy store. I’m typically not the peppiest person but it’s hard to keep a straight face when you’re waddling knee deep in sprinkles.

That’s in for today, I’ll update after I’m done planning the Krabi(Thailand) trip.

Good luck, don’t die




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