Packing + Summer 2017 Recap

Hello internet friends! It’s almost August so I’m getting ready to head back to my favorite place in the world, Vietnam. Sadly I won’t be backpacking this year but going with my parents to visit family and volunteer. We are planning on doing a small trip to Krabi, Thailand. I did not plan on going back to Thailand so soon, especially since our Chiang Mai group was planning on our reunion next summer.

Speaking of the CM group, Charmaine will be meeting my family and I in Krabi for the week, Minho is coming to America, aaaaand we’re still working on Fiz( trying to bait him into coming with Minho.)  It’s kind of crazy how two random people we met while traveling would be such an important part of my life. They’ve been there for my rants and chats just as much as my friends from home. This winter should be really fun.

Other than that I’ve been working on putting together my youtube channel. Yeah, I know. Who would have thought I would ever consider vlogging for fun. I’ve always been behind the camera and wow I’ve never realized how awkward I am in front of one. In the spirit of doing things outside of my comfort zone, I decided to start vlogging. Well the main catalyst was actually my online classes. I wanted to document my progress for two reasons, to keep myself on track and to be able to motivate myself if I were to fall in a funk. It’s also pretty cool to watch how my skills grow.

Anyways, here’s the link to the first vlog  Mai Monday #1

Although I’m not backpacking this year, I will still be only bringing a little as possible. If you’ve ever traveled with Asian parents, you’d understand. We usually bring a ton of stuff back for our family and friends in Vietnam so that gets checked in and my main stuff gets taken with me as carry on. This year, I will be using my weekender Nike duffel bag and my Fjallraven backpack as a day bag.

Duffel Bag:


  • 2 tank tops
  • 3 t-shirts
  • 2 crop top
  • 1 button up


  • high waisted shorts
  • brandy melville skirts
  • sleeping shorts


  • Blue sundress
  • off shoulder romper
  • double strap dress


  • 3x socks
  • sneakers
  • sandals(wear)


  • bathing suits
  • towel



  • Macbook 12″ + Charger
  • Phone + charger
  • NX 3000 + charger + lens
  • copy of The Architecture of Happiness
  • moleskin notebook
  • pencil pouch
  • make up pouch
  • External battery




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